What Are the Correlates of Interdisciplinary Research Impact? The Case of Corporate Governance Research

  1. Maureen I. Muller-Kahle2
  1. 1Old Dominion University
  2. 2Pennsylvania State University


We explore the concept of interdisciplinary research impact and better understand what factors might be associated with it. Using the field of corporate governance research as a case study and linking our research impact concept to a novel measure of scholarly citation rates, we seek to understand why some corporate governance scholars are cited more than others. We first developed a comprehensive ranking of the top-100 scholars cited for their research in corporate governance and then compared that “high-impact” group with scholars who had published governance research that was not yet cited. We hypothesized that indicators from the social network perspective would be predictive of interdisciplinary research impact. Our data largely supported our hypotheses using this new and improved measure of research impact, and robustness tests also supported our results.


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